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Karl Ludvigsen Photo of Bill Rutan's Formula S in Formula C

The Revs Institute maintains their Revs Digital Library that is available for anyone to browse online. It contains a treasure trove of photographs and documents about motor racing history all over the world.

Here is such a photo.


As described on the Revs site, the photo was taken by Karl Ludvigsen in 1967 at the Bridghampton track in New York, USA. It shows clearly the Colotti transaxle and rear suspension and chassis modifications that Bill engineered. 1967 is the year Bill won the Formula C National Championship with this car, however it had the Cosworth motor installed when he won that race. Here, in this photo, it is clear that the SAAB two-stroke engine is still installed. Bill's recounting says that the Cosworth conversion was completed by July 1967, so this photo must have been earlier in the year.

I know of only two photos of this car, both taken by Karl Ludvigsen. This one is by far the best quality.