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Notes on Ronny Eriksson's car

Here is some information from a letter Ronny wrote to Tom Cox who was the acting Formula S registrar at that time.  I am writing excerpts from the letter and removing the few personal notes.

The letter is dated January 9, 1995.




"As far as I know, my Quantum is the only one in Sweden, and it was bought by Saab's competition department for evaluation and some competition. The driver in the picture in Anders Thunberg's book "From 2-Stroke to Turbo" is Sigvard Johansson, an employee at the Competition department at the moment.

The car was modified to race under the European Formula 3 rules and that is the reason why it today has a number of modification compared with the original specification.

At the competition department the car was equipped with Saab 850 GT disc brakes at the front and also at the rear.
The engine was changed to a bored GT 850 with a displacement of 940cc.
The Formula 3 rules was allowing a displacement of maximum 1000cc at that time, in combination with a single carburettor with a maximum size of 36mm for the throttle.

In the documentation that follows the car, we can see that displacement of the engine was mentioned to be 996cc, and that included a crankshaft with increased stroke.

I did buy the car in the autumn 1967 from the competition department. The car had already at that time been checked by the scrutineers and has passed the regulations for the Formula 3.

After that I did compete with the car regularly to 1975. I have also tested the car on ice, with studded tires, and on "dirt track"!