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Bo Lindman is re-restoring his Formula S

Last week, I saw on Facebook that Bo Lindman is working on a nut-and-bolt re-restoration of his Formula S. He contacted me with some questions about the original chassis color and possible replacement front uprights.

I'm afraid I wasn't much help with his questions.

Original frame color? Yellow, but I don't know what yellow.
Replacement uprights? None except those remaining in private collections.

Since his front uprights are off of the car now, he is going to have them scanned and imported into CAD. Then, if ever necessary, anyone could contract to have them machined using that information. If you need a set for your car, ask Bo or me about it and we'll try and put you in touch.

I asked Bo if it would be OK if I put information about his restoration here. He said OK!

"Feel free to put any info as you want about my restoration on formulasaab.

Below is some photos from the work as it is for the moment being.

The fat old grump in the car is the owner... The two guys working on the frame is my friends Johan and Micke, formula Vee and Formula 2 historis racers.The young lad in the car when it went to my garage is my son Anders, waiting to take the step from Rotax 125 cc Karting to a real racer. The engine is one of three to this car. This is the 960cc.  And at the last Micke trying to make some old welding looking better."


I mentioned to Bo that I thought the car would be faster and handle more agreeably with a smaller wheel and tire package than the one I last saw fitted. He agreed...

"Im fully with you about the tyres!

The current wheels is 6,5 in front and 9,5 at rear. Its according to the Formula 3 regulation of 1966-1970 for 1000cc cars. This one was competing for the Saab factory in the Swedish Championship with Sigvard Johansson at wheel in 1966 and probably some few races in 1967. From the very beginning with 4,5 in front and around 5-5,5 at rear. Then Ronny Eriksson upgrade that to current dimension probably in 1968 or 1969, still in the Formula 3 class. Thats the background of this car little odd wheel set up. I have run the car twice back at the late nineties. As i remember I find it very stabile at track compared to Formula Vee. The total performance allowed my at that time to run away from all Fvee:s and catching up on the field of Formula Ford 1600. But I was even then in that opinion that the car was oversized at the wheels. The power output is not at that level...

My plans is to run the car at Formula Junior dimension at the wheels.

Means around 4,5-5 at front and 6,5 at rear. Whats your opinion about that idea? (will start with a 850cc singel carburetor Gr2 engine at 86,7 hp)"

All of the sales literature states that the Formula S was specced with standard SAAB 15x4 wheels. However, from my experience, the chassis is set up to oversteer in most situations. My dad's car has 4" front wheels with 450-15 tires and 5" rear wheels with 500-15 tires. In that configuration, the car is well balanced and very driveable. It is still a little tail-happy in most cases, but that is what you want in a formula car.

With that in mind, going with the Formula Junior specs of the time should give you a nice handling car, in my opinion.