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Finally looking at the engine damage from PVGP 2013

Originally posted: 20 January 2014

Back in July of last year the Formula S had a bad day at the PVGP. The engine had started easily and was running very strong but didn't last. It suddenly sounded awfully flat so I reached up and killed the ignition. That was about 6 months ago and I haven't felt like looking at it until now.

Honestly, I assumed that we broke a piston ring again. I was a bit surprised to find out otherwise.


 Yes. That's the crank you can see through the bottom of the case. That's bad. That means only one thing... The big-end rod bearing gave up and the rod swung out and took out the bottom the case. There's not enough clearance to deal with that kind of failure.

Here are some more pictures of the mess. It is impossible to see from the photos, but the big-end hole on the center rod not only lost the bearing completely, but also is now severely elongated.






 This engine block is on its second bottom half. It has some scratches in the bore and has been a ring-breaker several times. I think it may be time to retire it and start on a new one.