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Lester Ewing (b)

  • Owner Name: Lester Ewing
  • Location: Shreveport, LA USA
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • When did you purchase your Formula S?:
  • Serial #: 4129
  • Body color: Red
  • Chassis color: Yellow
  • Engine: SAAB two-stroke. Injector motor with 73mm pistons, significant porting, shaved cylinder head, "Lancia" carb (3 bbl Weber).
  • Transmission: SAAB 4-speed with Special 2 gearset.
  • Wheel & Tire package: 4 bolt Monte Carlo hubs machined to fit standard V4 brake discs
  • Brakes: V4 brake discs, V4 brake calipers
  • Ownership history and / or racing history: Yes
  • Intention to vintage race:

Comments: Former Richard (Dick) Brown car.


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Videos of #4129 running again

Originally posted: 04 December 2010

Lester has gotten chassis #4129 running again and has taken some video for us to see.