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Bob Williams

  • Owner Name: Roger Cook
  • Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
  • Contact 
  • When did you purchase your Formula S: summer 2020
  • Serial #: 4109
  • Body color: Red
  • Chassis color: Yellow
  • Engine: SAAB two-stroke (reportedly a Formula S spec)
  • Transmission: SAAB 4 speed
  • Wheel & Tire package:
  • Brakes: Rear: Drum, Front: Drum
  • Ownership history and / or racing history: Purchased from Bob Williams who lives in Pennsylvania in summer of 2020. Bob Williams purchased it from original owner in the mid 1980s.
  • Intention to vintage race: No


Roger is currently undertaking a complete restoration of the car with the intent to match factory specifications as closely as practical.

Bob described it as "I bought it from the original owner in the mid 80s who had assembled the car finger tight, then suffered an auto accident and lost vision in one eye. I believe it may be perhaps the last unassembled but complete S Chassis.  I am the second owner. I have a reported to be factory Quantum S engine. The body work and windshield are factory fresh and undrilled for mounting."

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