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Vaughn Rockney

  • Owner Name: Vaughn Rockney
  • Location:Beverley Hills, Florida
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • When did you purchase your Formula S: April, 2011
  • Serial #:4117
  • Body color: Red
  • Chassis color: Yellow
  • Engine: stock SAAB 850 two-stroke
  • Transmission: SAAB
  • Wheel & Tire package: 450-15 front, 550-15 rear.
  • Brakes: drum
  • Ownership history and / or racing history: Purchased from the estate of the original owner, Clyde Billing.  Clyde campaigned the car in the mid '60s in Northeast Region SCCA. Driven by brother-in-law Matt Hunter of Farmingdale, ME. Not enough Formula S's to run own race so had to compete with C modified (open wheel).
  • Intention to vintage race: No

Comments: The car originally raced on Goodyear Bluestreak tires When originally delivered from Queantum Motorcars, the Billing family were SAAB dealers in Washington, Maine and under the name of Washington Garage.


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Vaughn Rockney sends a photo update

Originally posted: 20 April 2011

Vaughn has gotten his "new" car running and sends a photo.  Here's his note:


This isn't as good as a video with sound, but here is photo of the car running.. I drove it up and down the lane in front of the shop today.. ran great!



4117 Discovered

Originally posted: 13 April 2011

Vaughn Rockney has, with the aid of lacquer thinner, discovered the serial number of his "new" car, originally owned by Clyde Billing.  The number is 4117!


Let this be inspiration to the rest of you. A little diligence and chemical persuasion might reveal the serial number!

New Owner

Originally posted: 13 April 2011

I just got word that this car has a new owner!

Vaughn Rockney has purchased Clyde Billing's car and received it yesterday (April 12th, 2011).


Vaughn has joined the site as a member and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly welcome him!


Originally posted: 06 December 2010

I received an update about the Billing car today.

Bruce Billing, Clyde's son, informed me that his father had passed away in August (2010) and ownership of the car has moved to the estate of Clyde Billing. He is trying to locate more information about the car's history before deciding what to do with it.

He reports that it hasn't been run in several years but is in near original condition.

The car was given to Clyde by SAAB in the early sixties. They have never been able to locate a serial number.

Additionally, Bruce sent some more photos and a short video that was taken when they had the car out for a NESA meet at "the farm".