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Vidar Hildre Schevik

  • Owner Name: Vidar Hildre Schevik
  • Location: Postbox 21, 3095 Eldfoss, Norway
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • When did you purchase your Formula S?: September 2011
  • Serial #: unknown. chassis was previously modified in the firewall area and serial number lost.
  • Body color: Red
  • Chassis color: Black
  • Engine: Block is early 850 (august 63)-bored 4mm to 940cc,  GT-850 head,  GT-750 crank, locked distributor with pertronix, carb: Solex 44PII, no porting work done.
  • Transmission: SAAB 4 speed with reverse removed and 5:43 gearing. Working freewheel.
  • Wheel & Tire package: stock steel wheels on the car but I have a pair of widened steel wheels for the rear.  5 bolt.   Dunlop Classic Racing tires,  front 4.50 L-15, rear 5.00 L-15
  • Brakes: Stock drum
  • Ownership history and / or racing history: Ed Todd of Homer, AK sold this car to Vidar Hildre Schevik in September, 2011. Ed purchased the car in September 2006. Ed's explanation of the history of the car is as follows:

    "Brian Hall ran it in Anchorage area autocross's for 3 years starting in 1969.  He was unbeatable and had a lot of photos to show me.  He then sold it to a guy that was to large for it and did not run it.  It then passed through two other local guys and somewhere along the line got taken apart to be modified and re-powered and was left in pieces since the early 80's when I first heard about it.  It took me another 20 years to find it.  [refer to the vintage views article.]   Brian told me he purchased the car complete from the regional Saab rep who visited the Anchorage Saab dealer.  He thought it had been part of a factory team.  I have no idea if it was run anywhere before arriving in Alaska.  It did not have its original block but had a second motor built.  I think the original was a factory stage 3 motor the Brian blew up once."
  • Intention to vintage race:



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Vidar on ice, 2nd video

Originally posted: 29 February 2012

As a followup to the previous video that Vidar sent, here's another that features him briefly.


Vidar takes the Formula S out on the Norwegian ice

Originally posted: 29 February 2012

I received the following message from Vidar on February 21st and this looks like so much fun that I think I will have to give it a try someday!

Hello stefan!

this weekend i was driving the quantum on ice,with norwegian saab-friends.

We had a great time! The quantum woorked fine,but the studded tyres was to slippery,the car floated on the surface.need much longer studds(nails).Will built a new gear-box ,with 8:39 and spec 1 gears,think that will suit the quantum better,and maybe port the engine a bit for more Rpm.But strong and great fun to drive,it was.

Send you a link with a You Tube video we made.

Vidar H Schevik!

Sikkert greit å sende denne linken videre hvis du vil at noen andre skal se (da slipper de å søke) 



Formula S arrives in Norway

Originally posted: 25 December 2011

Vidar has purchased Ed Todd's car and it was delivered to him in Norway earlier this month. He sent these photos that show it arrived in fine condition and now sports a set of studded snow tires!

He also added a short video of the car's first start in Norway!