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Vidar takes the Formula S out on the Norwegian ice

Originally posted: 29 February 2012

I received the following message from Vidar on February 21st and this looks like so much fun that I think I will have to give it a try someday!

Hello stefan!

this weekend i was driving the quantum on ice,with norwegian saab-friends.

We had a great time! The quantum woorked fine,but the studded tyres was to slippery,the car floated on the surface.need much longer studds(nails).Will built a new gear-box ,with 8:39 and spec 1 gears,think that will suit the quantum better,and maybe port the engine a bit for more Rpm.But strong and great fun to drive,it was.

Send you a link with a You Tube video we made.

Vidar H Schevik!

Sikkert greit å sende denne linken videre hvis du vil at noen andre skal se (da slipper de å søke)